ReadKit 2.2 with Feedly support

ReadKit, Release-Notes

Since the latest update – which wasn’t so long ago – we received countless requests to add support for Feedly which is a free alternative of the recently retired Google Reader. And now we’re pleased to announce the new version of ReadKit with Feedly integration and it’s available on the Mac App Store.

Feedly in ReadKit 2.2

The limited keyboard navigation was a common complaint against ReadKit. Today, we’re introducing a new set of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Left/Right arrow keys: navigate between folder and article list
  • CMD+Left/Right arrow keys: collapse/expand the selected folder
  • Space/Shift+space: paginate the article then select the next item
  • C: clear read items from the list
  • Return: open/close the original view
  • CMD+W: close the built-in browser if it’s opened
  • Mark all as read changed to SHIFT+A (it was CMD+SHIFT+A previously)
  • and more will coming soon…

The list of issues fixed in this release:

  • Fixed crashes when synchronizing feeds
  • Fixed handling CTRL+click on sidebar items
  • Fixed dock icon badge for Feed Wrangler and Feedbin items
  • Fixed importing OPML files from various sources
  • Fixed importing OPML files on OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Fixed processing NewsBlur feeds
  • Fixed issues when adding new feeds to Feedbin
  • Fixed marking multiple Feedbin items as read
  • Fixed syncing Fever group structure
  • Fixed displaying detailed warning when marking multiple items as read
  • Fixed restoring folder selection on startup
  • Fixed feed parsing issues with built-in RSS engine
  • Fixed decoding HTML entities in feed titles
  • Fixed Cyrillic text issues
  • Fixed refreshing item list when an account is removed from ReadKit
  • Fixed the scroll position when switching between folders
  • Fixed scroll issues in the built-in browser caused by popup windows

We know that the drag and drop sharing is sucks and unproductive, so we’re working on the improved version of this feature and some other great enhancements, too.

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