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ReadKit, Release-Notes

It is now time to launch our little Webin blog to better serve our growing public with hot news and information regarding our products.

First, a new update has gone live for ReadKit in the Mac App Store, ReadKit 1.2. This marks our second major release now which addresses a couple of minor bug fixes and some interface tweaks.

Many of you have requested to apply themes not only to the articles, but to the sidebar and the bookmarks as well. You can find this setting in the preferences under “Theme sidebar and bookmark list”. Since we extended themes this way, the icons on the bookmark had to accomodate as well. You can now change whether you want to have colorful or monochrome icons in the sidebar. Even though it is relatively easy for websites to serve retina sized icon bundles, few websites do it. In order to avoid sub-par quality favicons in ReadKit, you can now turn them completely off.

Appearance preferences

You can also set the number of preview lines in the “List height” setting. (This only affects Instapaper, Pocket and Readibility accounts since with Pinboard and Delicious accounts you don’t have preview lines at all.) We have one more interface setting: the article width can now be set to stretch horizontally to the viewport with the “Automatically adjust article width” option. This setting will especially be useful for short-sighted people who read articles in a large type.

The search has been improved: you can now set whether you want your search to take place in the current folder or in your account. On the other hand we now highlight the matches. Navigate with the standard commands among them by hitting ⌘-G and ⌘-⇧-G.

Highlight matches

There is a new setting for synchronisation where you can have ReadKit to sync your accounts either in 5, 10, 30 or at 60 minutes.

Trouble seeing archived items? By default the archived items are displayed after unread items only. You can now display unread and archived items mixed, just uncheck the “Display archived bookmarks below the unread ones” in the preferences. This setting only applies to views where bookmarks can be displayed mixed, eg. in the favorites.

ReadKit version 1.1 had a major bug: when “Open links in background” option was active, after selecting a Pinboard or Delicious library item, the link opened in your default browser as well. We fixed this problem.

We hope you like this new version of ReadKit! Again, if you have questions, suggestions or would like to give us feedback, follow us up either by email or at @ReadKit.

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