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ReadKit, Release-Notes

ReadKit 2.3.1 is available in the Mac App Store. This update resolves performance issues and contains several fixes and improvements. Please note that the first launch may take some time as it prepares application data.


  • General performance improvements
  • Improved sync speed, reliability and performance
  • Added OPML export (Built-in RSS)
  • Added image caching for RSS services (Preferences/Images => Cache RSS article images locally)
  • Added mark as read/shared options for Pinboard and Delicious sharing
  • Added tag completion for Pinboard and Delicious sharing
  • Added preference to preload original pages in background (Preferences/Reading => Preload original page in background)
  • Added Sync to dock menu


  • Fixed validation issues
  • Fixed marking items as read on Feedly
  • Fixed state of Mark all as read button
  • Fixed sharing article title on Twitter, Facebook, Messages and Mail
  • Fixed loading web fonts
  • Fixed unread badge position on the sidebar
  • Fixed crash on 10.7 when adding new subscriptions
  • Fixed syncing with Delicious accounts with more then 1000 bookmarks
  • Fixed issues with Arabic texts
  • Fixed handing drag and drop on the sidebar when unread filtering is turned on
  • Fixed displaying author links
  • Fixed saving notes to Evernote when the original page or Readability content is visible
  • Fixed displaying notifications in Notification Center
  • Fixed several crashes

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