Brand new icon, sharing and more

ReadKit, Release-Notes

ReadKit 2.3 update just landed on the Mac App Store. There are several improvements and fixes in this version, but first of all please let me introduce the brand new application icon, which was created by Ramotion:

ReadKit started out as a read later application for Instapaper, Pocket and Readability and it wasn’t so important to share articles between these services, despite the fact that it has worked with a simple drag-and-drop. Then RSS abilities has been added to the application, but the way of sharing remained unchanged. It’s time to improve this functionality, so this version introduces the new sharing menu, customizable sharing shortcuts and the ability to send articles into non-premium Instapaper accounts as well. Additional improvements and services are coming soon.

There is a new feature in this update requested by many of you, the ability to group articles by date or feed source. You can set the default option under the general tab of preferences, but you can customize this setting for each individual smart folder. So, for example you might prefer to group articles by feed source, but in the “Read Later” smart folder it would be great to see items in chronological order. No problem, there is a preference for each smart folder where you can set the preferred option.

Note: you can change the order of feeds and RSS folders on the sidebar. Sections will be sorted as they are positioned on the sidebar.

Error reporting was way too aggressive in the latest version and it wasn’t tolerant of network connectivity outages. Especially when the computer woke up from sleep. These issues has been fixed. Even better you can make changes (archiving, starring, deleting) on the offline copy of articles when there is no internet connection, for example during a long plane trip. Then ReadKit will sync back your offline changes when internet connection resumes.

That’s all for the current release, below you can find the full list of changes.


  • Added brand new application icon
  • Added global preference to group items by date or feed source
  • Added custom group preferences for each individual smart folder
  • Added the ability to order feeds manually or alphabetically
  • Improved sharing: added sharing menu, preferences and customizable shortcuts
  • Improved sharing with non-premium Instapaper accounts
  • Handling offline operations, items can be marked as read/starred or deleted without internet connection
  • Added initial “RSS Starred” smart folder


  • Fixed fetching starred items from Feed Wrangler and NewsBlur
  • Fixed connection issues when the computer awakes from sleep
  • Fixed annoying popups during synchronization and improved network connections
  • Fixed several other network connectivity problems
  • Fixed handling Fever feeds that are belonging to multiple folders
  • Fixed search in smart folders
  • Fixed handling smart folders with “Folder name” rules
  • Fixed performance issues during synchronization
  • Fixed refreshing the content of tag editor when changing selection
  • Fixed hiding read items when mark all as read (and unread filtering is turned on)
  • Fixed theme issues on OS X 10.7

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